Expungement Information


Expungement Eligibility

  • Dismissed, Nolle, No True Bill, Not Guilty, Retired - no fee required.
  • Conditional Pleas and/or Pretrial Diversion/Intervention cases may qualify - if so, a $450.00 fee is required.
  • All fines/court costs must be paid in full, including expungement fee (if applicable).
  • Only, cash, money orders or cashiers checks are accepted.

Expungement via 40-32-101(g)

Expungement via 40-32-101(g) eligibility questions click here...


Eligibility ChecklistEligibility Checklist
Demographic for Expungement PetitionDemographic for Expungement Petition
Trial Court PetitionTrial Court Petition
General Sessions Court PetitionGeneral Sessions Court Petition

Out of State

Should you live out of state, please review the eligibility requirements carefully then contact us via email for further instructions. To contact us, click here (please include name, address and phone number in your email).