Expungement Information

Expungement Eligibility

  • Dismissed, Nolle, No True Bill, Not Guilty, Retired – no fee required.
  • Conditional Pleas and/or Pretrial Diversion/Intervention cases may qualify – if so, a $450.00 fee is required.
  • All fines/court costs must be paid in full, including expungement fee (if applicable).
  • Only, cash, money orders or cashiers checks are accepted.

Expungement Form click here…

Expungement via 40-32-101(g)(h)(k) 

Expungement via 40-32-101(g)(h)(k) eligibility questions click here.

Out-of-State/Mail In expungement information

To get in touch with a clerk regarding the Out-of-State/Mail In expungement process click here