Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a driver’s license release?

To receive a driver’s license release you must first contact the Tennessee Department of Safety at 1-866-903-7357 to obtain a detailed printout of what is holding the release of your license (you may also obtain this information by clicking here). Please bring the printout when you visit our office.

What do I do if I miss my booking date for my citation?
In the event you miss a citation booking date, you must file for an Extension for Failure to be Booked. You must report to the Criminal Warrants Division or the Booking Division of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and ask for a CONTINUANCE TO EXTEND THE BOOKING DATE.

What do I do if I missed my court date?
If you missed a court date, you must file for a Set Aside for Failure to Appear – Suite 2120, Justice A.A. Birch Bldg, – ask for a SET ASIDE ORDER – you will need a copy of the warrant (50 cents per copy) and a Set Aside Order form (see the forms page on this site). If Pre-Trial or a bonding company is involved, you must provide us with a signed statement agreeing to remain on the bond when you come in to pick up the Set Aside. Take the Set Aside Order to the judge for signature. Bring the signed order and $34.04 for Set Aside fees to the 2nd floor Office of the Criminal Court Clerk in the Justice A.A. Birch Bldg. to obtain a new court date. This applies to General Sessions courts only. In the Trial Courts, your attorney must request the re-arrest warrant to be recalled by the Courts. You may download a General Sessions Set Aside form from our Forms page by clicking here.

How do I request witnesses?
To request witnesses, you must go to – Suite 2120 of the Justice A.A. Birch Bldg, for General Sessions and Criminal Trial Courts. Clerks will be happy to assist.

Can I get copies of arrest warrants?
Copies are available in our office located in the Justice A.A. Birch Bldg, in Suite 2120. Having the correct court date and time, warrant number(s) and defendant’s name will expedite your request for copies. There is a copy fee of 50 cents per page. Limited copies are also available by clicking here.

Can I get my record removed?
Expungement Orders – A standardized form must be used and can be picked up from Suite 2120, Justice A.A. Birch Bldg. You may download an Expungement of Criminal Record Form from our Forms page by clicking here.

How can I reschedule my court date?
Court Date Continuance – Trial court continuances should be discussed with the respective clerks in each division. Continuance requests must be AT LEAST 5 WORKING DAYS before the current court date. General Session Continuance Forms may be picked up at Suite 2120, Justice A.A. Birch Bldg. counter along with a copy of the warrant (50 cents per copy). After you get the judges’ signature, return the form to Suite 2120, Justice A.A. Birch Bldg. counter. You will get the new court date from the clerk. You may download an Order of Continuance form by clicking here.

How can I get a copy of my Preliminary Hearing?
Court Proceedings after June 19th, 2006, are recorded using a digital audio/visual system. We are now able to provide a copy of these hearings via a CD and/or DVD upon request. For most cases, the CD/DVD will contain audio and video of the hearing (some may only have audio depending on the courtroom). Each CD/DVD will contain the hearings for the entire day, so, if an attorney has multiple defendants (in the same courtroom) on the same day only one CD will need to be requested.

How can I find out how much I owe on my case?
Our Collections Division will compute court costs and accept payment in full immediately after court (see payment information page on this site). MONTHLY payment arrangements can be made.

Where can I get a restricted driver’s license form?
Restricted Driver License Forms can be obtained in our Forms Section or in our office in the Justice A.A. Birch Bldg, in Suite 2120. SR22 insurance form is required.