Preliminary Hearing Information

Court proceedings after June 19th, 2006, are recorded using a digital audio system. We are now able to provide a copy of these hearings via a CD upon request.


  • $10 per CD

How To Request a CD

How Long Does It Take?

Expected turnaround time for each request is 48 hours, but is often ready the same day. After your CD has been created, it will be available at our cashier window.
Can I provide my own CD?

Because the recording system is designed to use a proprietary CD (which we purchase in bulk direct from the vendor), we are unable to accept a CD in exchange for waiving the fee.
Hearings prior to June 19th, 2006

Hearings prior to June 19th, 2006, will be recorded on cassette or CD. For cassette recordings, the fee is $5.00 — or you may bring a new blank cassette and we will copy it for free.