Online Payment Disclaimer

Welcome to the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office site.
Using this site, you can easily and conveniently pay State Traffic / Trooper Citations.

To begin the process of making a payment, review the information below and click the “Continue” button to proceed.

1. I understand that submitting payment prior to the scheduled court date is an admission of guilt, resulting in a Misdemeanor conviction on my record.
2. I understand that the Tennessee Department of Safety will be notified of this conviction.
3. I understand that I may call the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office at 615-862-5601 to verify the correct payment amount for my citation(s).
4. The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office does not directly process credit cards; however, for your convenience, you can pay online through an independent company with which Metro has contracted to provide you with this service (a nonrefundable 2.25% fee will be assessed by this contracted vendor). You can use most major credit/debit cards and electronic checks to pay fines, fees and costs owed to the Criminal Courts online.